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We are Hannah (left) and Casey (other left)

And we are the writers of non-existent stories, and the creators of The Non-Existent Story.

What is The Non-Existent Story?

The Non-Existent Story is a storytelling and storywriting game that we play and record every week. Here’s how it works:

  1. The Storyteller reads a summary and an excerpt of two stories, without mentioning the title, author or any other revelatory details. One of the stories summarized exists; the other does not…yet. The two stories should have something in common.
  2. The Storylistener listens to the summaries and excerpts. She then guesses which of the stories already exists and which one the Storyteller invented.
  3. The Storyteller reveals the title and author of the existent story.
  4. Storyteller and Storylistener then talk about the two stories.